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LiveJournal for Sexy Babs-Chan.

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003

Time:7:17 am.
Baby if you give it to me
I'll give it to you
I know what you want
You know I got it
Baby if you give it to me
I'll give it to you
I know what you want
You know I got it
~ busta rhymes "I know what yuo want"

really digging this song right now ^_^
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Friday, September 5th, 2003

Subject:new LJ name....
Time:10:24 pm.
decided I want to cahnge my LJ for no real reason ^_^ sense Im not trying to avoid anyone everyone can update their friends list who wish ^_^ "jax_girl_babs"
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Thursday, September 4th, 2003

Time:9:39 pm.
he jsut ask me to dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the FIRST time a guy asked me to dinner!
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Subject:oooh yeah baby!
Time:9:09 pm.
ok so like I ahev an upstairs apartment... adn 3 days ago i came home to the tiles for my shower knocked out! there was a note left from mintinace.... they show up an hour later saying it was leaking water down stairs...

ok so today there FINALLY working on it (as I speak no less) adn omg! this one guy is hot! His name is brad... hes 27. tehre are down sides... he technically lives in ga >< and he has kids ><>< BUT! hes single and hes interested in "metting" people and "hanging out" ^_^... lets see what happens shall we??
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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

Time:5:25 am.
god I HATE vacation and holidays! well only the part when there over >< I mean I get into teh habbit of work, wakeing up, ddaily routine, then its interuppted by a vacation or a holiday, and everything gets out of whack.

I WANT TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, September 1st, 2003

Time:7:50 pm.
Ok im gonna start with this year 9to date) and work my way back as far as I can, listing out 1-2 songs that sums the year up in relation to my life.

2003~ "not the girl" rachel farris, "feel good" system of a down and kitty
2002~ "survivor" destiny child
2001~ "you otta know" alanis moreset "graduation" vitamin c
2000~"running down a dream" tom petty,
1999~ "dream" cranberries
1998~"happy boys happy girls" aqua,
1997~ "anthem" blink 182

went through all my highschool/jr high pictures adn hfolders. im not going to attempt the letters now. I did this with vitamin c's song on repeat. Im like sooo sad. sooo much has changed. half the peopel I dont talk to due to them cutting ties, or me cutting ties. I have a notepad bran agve me jr year. I had all sorts of people sign, describe themselfs, first impression of me, now impression, and more about them. I saw referanses to my fashion design career, my highschool sweet heart, people who call me friend, yet i dont talk to. people I call friend and they dont talk to me.

did anyone follow their "dreams"? there was this one day in 10th grade... the lunch table I sat at was like teh "UN" of social ciclres, we had the prep, goth, hick, wiger, dork, nerd, shy, ghetto.... anyways, one day we worked all our plans and dreams togthor so we would alwasy be togthor... lol we knew then it wouldnt happen, but I still recall that day.

seesm alot of the girls got pregnant/married. the guys went military. some moved to out of state collages, others died.

I recall the sensation I had, walking in the hallways, headset blaring over my ear, small talk to people in teh halls. gossip at the lockers, tehn teh ladysroom. showing up in class jsut in time or a few min late. I felt surreal, yet right.

looking back i see things diffrently. I lok at my pics then and I see how pretty was 9ok still am but i was soooo pretty in highschool) yet I didnt believe so then. I let many oppertunities slip by.

the dreams I ahd then, are what I dont want now.

the firends I had tehm, all but a couple are gone from my life.

ok ok enough on that trail of thought.
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Subject:what a time!
Time:3:37 pm.
me and rachel went to lizs porn and chicken party. Not sure about everyone else, but I had a blast ^_^
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Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Subject:is my credit improving?
Time:10:21 am.
wow I jsut got approved for a bank of america platnumcard with 6 months 0% and $2500 limit...

its not a high prime card... its a regualr credit card, with a kown bank, and quite a bit of money. damn. i need to order all 3 of my CBRs to see what my score is and what aol has and hasnt reported....

in other news I ahd a blast last night. good ol times with rachel. we went on spy missions! we had our own them music and everything. saved the world a couple times over (not to brag ^_^)

ok what really happen was were were bored so we got into her car, grabed food, sodas and stuff tehn picked random cars and follwed them to see where they were going and if they cought onto being followed. onyl one figured it out, it was a motorcycle driver, as he made a sudden left hand turn he jerked his head around twards us and stred... lol it was greaet! we woudl of gone mojoing (driving by groups of people and yelling) but i lost my voice when singing who let the dogs out >< so yeah....

today im going to my parents place. then tomorrwo im going to pixies party. going to be a blast. rachle said if my expectant ride sitches me or cant go themselfs, then shell hook me up... so im there! Ill be missing the toga party at plush... but hell ill have a funner time in tampa anyways.

ooh speaking of fun... yesturday I actually hung out with coworkers AFTER work. we went to Gators... same place that tried to rip brand off with her credit card # ^^" but that girl was fired/ arrested im sure. anyways had a fun time...

so yeah thats my plans and stuff.
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Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Time:8:28 pm.
Like omg wow! Im am like the SHIT! I found a ocean front hotel on St Augustine beach, for new years eve, $170!!!!! its a 2 story town house with jacuzzi, fridge, balcony and stuff! yeah so liz and I are going to party there new years eve. were going 50/50 on the room. intrested in comeing? IM me ^_^_^_^_^
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Time:5:20 am.
Mood: sad.
I feel like Im running out of time.

I had a dream where I forgot all but the last hour of it or so, pretty much I was setting the table for my mother, and then we had dinner (with someone else though I forget who) and then I was clearing the table. She was old, but not that old. Older is the best way to put it. I asked her if she rememebr the last tiem she had dinner with her family growing up. we started to talk about her brother, and in the dream he was like 80. I never met him. we talk on the phone, and corresponded, but we never met.

the dream it self was depressing cause it was about things ending. time going. im loseing.
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Subject:its all about the benjimens....
Time:7:40 pm.
so HR called me todaya dn FINNALLY told me what my raise is... 4%, so rought $20-40 extra dollars on teh pay stub.

speaking of work im about to find myself in some MAJOR drama... and unwillingly too.

see emily was suppose to get the postion I have now, beofore me... they told her she had to be on loan for 90 days then she has it. 60 days into it and Im offer the same thing. less then a month into it im offered the job. there were two postings... one for a rep who moved 2 levels up (thats the one emily posted for) and the otehr was promted to a diffrent department (the one i posted for) the one who went 2 levels up had to do the 90 day loan, which means technically the position emily and I both were on laon for wouldnt be free till he was posted into his new job, while the other rep, the one i was replaceing was already free. result? i got the job before her, even though she was there longer then me. I havnt told anyone other then kristeen about this promotion cause of that fact.

the drama thickens. we found out last week that 2 people will be moved back one level (not a demotion in pay) now logically you would think I would be one of these people sense im the newest, and this other girl who is still on loan who hasnt even posted for the job yet. but word on the street is it will be the girl just mentioned... and emily. even emily suspects this though shes doesnt know (for sure atleast) about me being offically in the department.

I ask her today why she thought I wouldnt be one... she said cause I was skips favorite (the manager) ... shit >< so when all comes out, and if emily is the one who gets bump, with no pay raise, nothing, im going to look like an ass, like i brown noised my way into what should be her position!

ohwell I didnt do anything like that.. I did my job, and I did it good.... I have alot of pressure on top of me. see I KNOW my manager pulled strings to get me this... without me asking, hinting or anything to sujest i wanted it. BUT hes on top of me, I have to keep my numbers with the rest if not above the rest (as i was in the job 2 levels down from mine now) or he has heat from his manager which comes down onto me.

fun stuff right? well this office im in has more politics in it then the white hosue im sure... adn as much as you try to avoid it, your sucked in.
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Time:6:18 pm.

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Monday, August 25th, 2003

Time:9:57 pm.
i have decided toast top with preserves and peanut butter is a delectsie meant to be savored ^_^

stupid people broke the main water line in my complex. no water at all anywhere near by. and today was laundry day too! looks like ill be breaking out the granny undies.
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Time:5:24 am.
wheeee another work week/ *falls down*

well its not THAT bad.

got a feeling this week will fly by... next weekend is laborday weekend. Ill probally be at my parents house saturday night, still no word if im able to goto Liz party sunday.

this weeks goal! I will NOT eat ANY deserts. seriosuly this is like a BIG problem of mine. fallen into the habit of haveing a mid afternoon snack thast usually cake/pie/icecream so forth. this si BAD.. at least when its EVERY day ^^'

this last weekend was fun. I woke yesturday and everyone already left. no surprise. its liek teh 2nd time i slept in after partying... all teh way till 10am! heh yeah thats sleeping in for me ^^' so i called rach up a couple hours later and we spent our day at her pool. saw lilo and stitch for teh first tiem too! cute movie.
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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Time:10:34 pm.

ok so hung out with cliff chris and josh. saw medallion. its was a blah movie.. few good sceans, thats it. then we went to teh mall, then thats that.

tammy tracy rachel heather and sean are on there way. were just gonna chill.

maybe MAYBE have a ride to liz sunday party next week. the "porn adn chicken" party, not based on the movie. see what happens with taht...

im haveing fun again! yay!
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Time:11:45 am.

Livejournal Mood Ring

is nervous.

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ROFLOL!!!! obviously its being carcastic ^_^ I mean it hit the nail on the head with bran and cliff....
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Friday, August 22nd, 2003

Time:5:51 am.
My LiveJournal Sitcom
Being lilacpearl (CBS, 2:30): lilacpearl (Buddy Ebsen) tells guambabe671 (Dave Coulier) about Scientology. That night, geckosan (Stephen Baldwin) and slurpeeboy20 (Michael Keaton) build a shed at the dentist's office. Nearby, nanakashimada (Leonard Nimoy) draws a picture on julieland2 (Sammy Davis Jr.)'s forehead. The next day, niner (Sam Neill) takes thesixswords (Mike Myers) bowling. On the other side of town, shuichishindou (Sharon Stone) overhears prettydumdum (Brittany Murphy) talking about continental drift. TV-MA.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
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Thursday, August 21st, 2003

Subject:maybe Im wrong...
Time:8:36 pm.
Mood: scared.
I dont know. I appriciate it when my friends look out for me.... I hope they assume I would do the same for them. but to demand repayment? ok maybe yeah it was in jest, and yeah you are upset about the events that happen outside our friendship... but hell i was going to find a way to thank ya... but to flat out tell me i owe you lunch for gas? as if its required? yeah i was put off by that... not angry or anything... but annoyed. not to mention i was still flustered over being scared i was about to be robbed, while i was naked >< lol.. um yeah look thats just my side, I understand yours... normally when you say something that puts me off I keep my mouth shut cause I know you mean well... but I guess under the situation I had to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

Time:8:26 pm.
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not sure what the point was to either of these... but im one for hopping on teh bandwagon ^_^
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Subject:ooh yeah....
Time:8:14 pm.
this morning i woke around 4am to what sounded like chirping. My first thought is dumbledore... go out but hes asleep. I walk around and I still here. then I think... shit not again! another stupid bird is trapped in my bathroom vent????? well its 4am and I cant do squaat about it. i barry my head under the pillows and covers and sleep for another hour. wake up. still here chirping. walk in teh bethroom.... strange I dont really here it in there. walk in my bed room and I heere it. I think... it cant be in the air vent... could it? well after peeking in and seeing nothing but hearing a cloud chirping, I turn off my fan... and the chirping stops ><

yeah i felt stupid. lol. but seriously jsut over a year ago a bird really DID get stuck adn died in my bath air vent. maintance REFUSED to come up durring the weekend... apparently a decaying animle is not consider a health hazard... that or the office didnt believe me. the guy that showed up monday sure didnt.... till he had to wipe up the body fluids... yeah yuk. had a garbage bag tack around it the whole weekend with CONSTANT air freshner.

jsut thought I would share that ^_^_^_^
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